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Über workeer

Bis auf ein paar kurze Einträge, habe ich es nie fertig gebracht hier etwas über workeer, meinem Bachelor Abschlussprojekt, zu schreiben. Für meinen Arbeitgeber Edenspiekermann tat ich jetzt aber genau das, weshalb ich den Eintrag, der ursprünglich auf der Edenspiekermann Webseite im Magazin erschien, der Vollständigkeit halber nun auch hier posten kann.


Foto: Felix Grimm

Our designer David Jacob built Workeer, a job board for refugees as his bachelor thesis. We asked him to write an article about it.

Communication Design has always been more about solving problems to me, than about getting lost in design aesthetics. So when it was time to start working on my bachelor thesis, I took the chance and aimed at creating a real product. Something that might actually have an impact out in the real world and would keep existing when my studies are done. I teamed up with Philipp, fellow student and former internship colleague of mine at Edenspiekermann and together we started working towards that goal.
Being very politically interested and considering the current importance of the topic, it soon became clear that we wanted to build a website that would support refugees in Germany. Seeing the amount of problems existing about the current refugee situation, we were certain that this could be our chance to create something valuable for refugees in Germany and the Germany society itself.